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 Walmart parking on Bethel & King Street: 

          2-hr free w/$10 purchase;  free wkends.

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Most insurance accepted

808-398-4398 for appointment

Children with behavioral issues or developmental disability, parent issues,  couples in conflict,  abuse in relationship,  collaborative problem solving,  trauma - anxiety - fear - anger - stress - loss -  grief, ADHD, senior memory issues, separation, divorce, death, or pet-loss among other issues.

  • Are you walking on eggshells?
  • Are you depressed in relationship?
  • Can you discuss issues or conflicts?
  • Are you confused, afraid to speak, afraid of  being yelled at or put down? 
  • Do you feel unable to communicate but don't know why?  
  • Are you afraid of the next rage, criticism, humiliation, or verbal attack?
  • Is your self-esteem low? Do you feel alone, unloved, unworthy, sad?  

I strive to provide a supportive, insight- full environment that promotes individuation and self-actualization.

  • Collaborative problem solving.
  • Trauma reprocessing, EMDR
  • Changing conflict dynamics to interactive communication, EFT
  • Child, family, relationship issues
  • Relationship Abuse Awareness
  •  Improve brain functioning, LENS

        Psychologist, presenter, behavioral specialist, University professor,  Superior Court of Guam psychologist, Guam Behavioral Health psychologist. Dr. Au introduced mental health into Hawaii State prisons in 1986.   

      Her work with children and juveniles  spans 17 yrs. She works with adults, seniors, and couples.  Emotion-Focused Couples Therapy, EMDR, TFT, Brain Spotting, and LENS are techniques to address abuse, trauma, death, shame, guilt, fear, depression, among other issues.  Rapid trauma resolution frees you of lifelong behaviors, promotes self actualization.   



Shari Au, Ph.D., LLC
Licensed Child & Adult Psychologist


 Is it Abuse?