Unlike EEG Neuro-feedback, repeated brain-trainings, LENS allows your brain to seek it's own optimization.  Improving brain-function in seconds, achieves gains  faster than any existing neuro-feedback or therapy system. Global improvement in brain function resolves underlying angst as past traumas, PTSD.  LENS'  brain pattern interruption is 40,000x subtler than your cell phone signal, too subtle to be traced by any device. The brain optimizes as it reorganizes like clearing cache on a PC,  reorganization is optimization.  Unexpected gains occur as well as target symptom resolution.    


Response to LENS is individual; there is no expected sequence. Increased relaxation or alertness, increased productivity, energy, ease initiating action, completing tasks, coordination are common effects. Each LENS builds upon the next cumulatively. Staying with the process maximizes brain function optimization.


Self-observations, charting 2-days post LENS guides  therapy.  The questionnaire(s) at the link below will post your 10 top issues to be re-scored post each LENS.   LENS is a state of the art therapy. It is $150/session. If you have insurance to cover the office session, LENS is reduced to $45/session, to increase to $55 in 2018.  







Shari Au, Ph.D., LLC
Licensed Child & Adult Clinical Psychologist

EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing EMDR

TFT - Thought Field Therapy

LENS - Low Energy Neuro-feedback System LENS

EMDR is used in the Trauma Program at Menninger Clinic. Kaiser Permanente financed a study revealing EMDR is twice as effective in half the time compared to traditional psychotherapy.  It rapidly desensitizes trauma, PTSD, phobias, panic and anxiety disorders, in addition to mediating addiction/compulsive behaviors, anger,  grief, loss, shame, fears, and dysfunctional coping. 

EMDR is In the Guidelines of the American Psychiatric Association (APA, 2004),  the Veterans Administration (VA, 2004), the  Dept. of Defense (DoD, 2010), and the World Health Organization (WHO), as  'Strongly recommended for Trauma.' 

Committing to the process, targeting  causal issues, giving feedback guides your therapy. EMDR can surface forgotten memories, open insights, give an overview and detach you from negative patterns.  Target causal issue resolution is key in EMDR.

International traumatic stress expert Bessel Van De Kolk, MD, devotes Chapter 15 in ''The Body Keeps the Score,' 2014, to EMDR. 

The past 30 years in psychotherapy changed my approach from talking to clients to rapid trauma resolution technologies. Rapid issue resolution supports shifts into significant growth: EMDR, TFT, Brain Spotting, and LENS. 

TFT taps Acupuncture Meridian Points while focused on a target issue/symptoms. It surfaces then diffuses emotions.   Rapid physiological reduction in rouleau, clumped blood cells, were measured in Callahan, 1998, Psychotherapy and Deep Biological Change, using TFT.  

These techniques expedite  dysfunctional reaction resolution, allowing more effective behaviors to emerge. Pervasive traumas, major depression, life-long triggered anger can be resolved, relatively quickly.  Targeting the algorithm is key in TFT.  

TFT was used successfully in Kosovo and Ruwanda with genocide victims to rapidly relieve trauma, PTSD.  It is a therapy that transcends language barriers and can be learned for personal use. 

Personal responsibility in therapy consistency serves your goals and supports therapeutic focus.