It doesn't take years to resolve severe traumas 

Change lifelong behaviors, reactions 

     Optimize Your Self 

1.  LENS:  After double Open Heart Bypass, Triple Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm, Hernia surgery he procrastinated, was negative, argumentative. After a few LENS, now he is happy, smiling, always whistling a happy tune, joking. He pitches in and does little chores when something needs to be done around the house without being asked. He's less argumentative, doesn't explode with anger, can now laugh it off. He used to argue even if he was wrong.  He is much more engaging in conversations at home and with others. He has lots more energy, is beginning to take responsibility for more yard work, house chores like screen and window cleaning, fixing and changing faucets, taking out the trash bins on pick-up days. His memory improved dramatically, he retrieves names and events quickly. His prescription in one eye improved.  He doesn't leave drawers and pantry doors open like he used to. His reading comprehension has improved. He's able to get through reading the morning newspaper much more quickly than before.... On Henry Tamanaha,age 75, retired DOE band teacher, by wife Nancy 

​2.  LENS: I used to use a chair bathing, fell a lot. Balance is much better, I climbed the ladder to trim the trees. I have higher energy level, I can work in the yard, do more chores regularly, multi-task as before. I'm baking, house cleaning, without stiffness; my arthritis is gone.  I'm problem-solving  automatically, things come to me like when I worked. Body aches are gone. I used to have sore hands daily but now I'm without hand pain unless I overdo weed pulling. I didn't realize that these dramatic results could happen so quickly and so painlessly.....Nancy Tamanaha, age 75, retired DOE State Resource Teacher

3.  TFT:  My Aunt, age 87, was highly anxious, couldn't sleep alone, constantly clutched her chest, had constant restless leg thumping, difficulty smiling, was always praying, unable to speak normally after Uncle's death, 6 months ago. Within an hour after TFT treatment, she conversed in a normal voice, smiling, without restless leg thumping or clutching her chest. She could ask questions and engage in conversation,  her appetite returned, she wrote with her old beautiful handwriting.........Nancy Tamanaha, age 75, retired DOE State Resource Teacher about her Aunt

 3. LENS:   I initially sought treatment with Dr. Au because of cognitive problems.  My mental focus, memory, word recall, and processing speed were all functioning poorly.   Immediately after my first LENS treatment, my mental focus was more than 50 percent better.   The next day, I capped my vitamin bottles without misthreading or dropping them.  To my surprise, Dr. Au's treatment had improved my coordination as well!   All of my problem areas have improved.  I function much better on a daily bases.  In fact, during my last vacation, I was less confused, navigated better, and adapted more quickly to new situations.  
These are just a few of the benefits I have received while in Dr. Au's care.   She has also been of great help to my family, and many of my patients.....
Philip Spencer, D.C.  

​4. LENS:  "When I first came to Dr. Au my outlook was as bleak as it had ever been. Bleak for me was hopelessness, no future, no present, and a horrible past. After, a year of LENS Therapy, I finally have hope again. I developed the tools to heal myself and rebuild my life. Whether the future is good or bad, I now know I can handle the ever changing currents of life. For that, I am truly grateful.”   Shay Russell.

5.  I've been happy, feel great the past two weeks since LENS.