1980  Autogenic Training & Guided Visualization by Emit Miller, M.D.
1988  Neurolinguistic Programming 1-month residency with John Grinder, Ph.D.NLP Practitioner certification.
1989  Ericksonian Hypnosis Training by Steven Gilligan, Ph.D. Hypnosis Practitioner certified.
1994  Educational Kinesiology (Edu-K) with Shelly Fielden and Carla Hannaford, Ph.D.
1995  Edu-K, Physiology by Carla Hannaford, Ph.D. and Charles Harter, M.D..
1996  Edu-K Physiology by Carla Hannaford, Ph.D. Educational-Kinesiology Practitioner certification.
1995  The Institute of Family Enrichment (TIFFE):
        Child Protective Services Training in Child Abuse Detection
        Nurturing Parent Training by author Stephen Bavolek, Ph.D.
1996  The Journey, a 5-day (40 hr.) Adolescent Rite of Passage, by author David Oldfield. 1995. Journey Certification.

1998-2005 Felix-Waihee Consent Decree: Department of Education (DOE), Federal Management Team (FMT)
1998  Child & Adolescent Mental Health Department (CAMHD) independent contractor trainings
       Case Management Training: John Donkervoet, Ph.D.
       Assessment Training, The Felix Staff/Service Development Institute (FSSDI):
2000-2001 Child & Adolescent Resources for Education,  CARE-Hawaii:
       Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT), Carrie Talisfor, M.S.W.
       Positive Behavior Support  by David Nash, Ph.D.
       Working with Families  by David Nash, Ph.D.
       Behavior Disorders  by David Nash, Ph.D.
       Autism Workshop (30 hr.) by David Nash, Ph.D.
       Functional Behavioral Analysis, Tina McLaughlin, Psy.D., CARE CEO    
2001 DOE Training by Ron Leaf, Ph.D., co-editor of A Work in Progress (Ed.), Autism Partnership; (3 day)
2001 Discrete Trial Teaching & Applied Behavior Analysis 5-day training by Autism Partnership for DOE

2001 Queen Liliokulani Center for the American Association of Pastoral Counselors:        
         Diversity Training 2-day by Bill Rezentes, Ph.D.
         Psycho-immunology training by Paul Pearsal, M.D., author of The Hearts Code.
2002 Play Therapy, Hawaii Association Annual Conference 2-day
2002 Learning Disabilities, Pacific Basin Annual Conference 2-day
2003 Learning Disabilities, ADHD, & Teen, Pacific Basin Annual Conference 2-day

2003-04 CARE-Hawaii:
        Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) & Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT), 2-day, by Amy Wiech, Ph.D.
        Children with Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) trainings by Jennifer Close, MSW
Early Intervention (EI) Lianne Koki, Ph.D.
2004-2005  Crisis Prevention Intervention (2-day CPI) by Dr. David Nash
2004-2005  CPR and first aid, annual

2004 Hawaii Association of Play Therapy  (HAPT):
       Sandplay: Pratibha Eastwood, Ph.D.
       Sand Tray Therapy:  Amatruda, MFT.
       Play therapy in Attachment Disorder. Play therapy in Court cases by Anita Trubitt, LSW
       Cognitive-Behavioral Play-Therapy, 2- day Annual Conference, American Association of Play Therapy

2004 Working with Difficult Clients by Scott Miller, Ph.D.
2004 Psychopharmacology by the Child & Adolescent Mental Health Department (CAMHD)
2004 Learning Disabilities, Pacific Basin Annual Conference
2004 Foundations to Attachment, Annual Conference
2004 American Psychological Association Annual Convention in Hawaii    
2004 EEG Neuro-feedback 6-day training, Neuro-biofeedback Institute, California
2005 Biofeedback post-doctoral internship training supervised by Amanda Armstrong, Ph.D., BCIA
2006 Floor-time-Stanley Greenspan, CD & text study + CARE in-service workshop
2007 Tony Attwood: Autism Conference Hawaii

2008 Stanford Binet training by Riverside Publishing
2008 Batelle Developmental Inventory, by Riverside Publishing
2009 Association for Advanced Training in Behavioral Sciences (AATBS)
2009 One Eye Integration (OEI) by Kathy Downing, Ph.D.
2011 Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training, ASIST by LivingWorks  [Guam Behavioral Health]
2011 Thought Field Therapy, boot camp study by Dr. Callaghan, founder.  Algorithm certification pending.
2011 Sexually Abusive Youth by John Hunter, Ph.D. (18 hr)
2011 Professional Crisis Management by PCM Association [Guam Adult Permanent Injunction]
2012 Civil Justice for Victims of Crime by The National Center for Victims of Crime
2012 Thought Field Therapy Boot Camp Training
2012 Tera Mai Reiki, 2nd degree by Michael Ulrich, Reiki Master Teacher
2013 Thought Field Therapy by Caroline Sakai, Ph.D..Thought Field Therapy, TFT Algorithm certification.
2013 Prescription Drug Abuse, National Association of Drug Diversion investigators, president Gary Shimabukuro
2013 EMDR Training by Gerald Puk, Ph.D., EMDR Institute.  EMDR Trained.
2014 Using the DSM-5 for Revolutionizing Diagnosis & Treatment by Susan Lewis, Ph.D., J.D.
2014 Trauma, Attachment & Neuroscience by Bessel A. Van De Kolk, MD, by PESI Inc./CMI Educational Institute
2014 Self-Regulation in Children/Advanced ADHD Tx for Children & Adults by Teresa Garland, MOT, OTR/L, PESI Inc.

2015 EMDRIA Annual Conference: Lens NeuroFeedback

2016 Emotion Focused Couples Therapy, Sue Johnson, PhD. EFT Trained

2016 EMDR Certification by Arnold Popky, PhD; EMDRIA- EMDR Certified

2016 Low Energy Neurofeedback. LENS Trained.

2016 EMDRIA Annual Conference

2017 LENS Intermediate Training

2018 Dissociative clients and EMDR by Dolores Mosquera, LMSW

              Shari Au, Ph.D., LLC                                 

Licensed Child & Adult Clinical Psychologist