Unlike EEG Neuro-feedback, 40 min. brain-training, LENS improves brain-functioning in seconds. It's the fastest existing neuro-feedback system. It improves brain-functioning by interrupting brain patterns with a signal, too subtle to be traced by any device. This  allows the brain to reorganize, which always involves  optimizing functioning. Like clearing a PC computer cache, reorganization is functional optimization.    

Everyone responds uniquely to LENS. Children respond and seniors respond quickly. Some people experience an immediate effect, others notice nothing while family/peers report noticing changes.  Feeling relaxed or more alert, regaining skill-sets, increased productivity, increased energy, ease initiating action, completing tasks are some effects. Each LENS builds upon the next cumulatively. 

Sticking with the process, self-monitoring, charting your observations in 2-days guides your therapy.  Individual brain functioning is unique and may necessitate testing a few protocols to find your pace and dose. Complete the questionnaire(s) at the link below for LENS. After I generate a record with your email, your results can be accessed. Your brain reorganizes post LENS. You will re-score 10 top issues 2-days/ 48 hrs after each LENS.   LENS is a cutting edge therapy, not yet covered by insurance. It is introduced at $45/session.  



Shari Au, Ph.D., LLC
Licensed Child & Adult Clinical Psychologist

EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing EMDR

TFT - Thought Field Therapy

LENS - Low Energy Neuro-feedback System LENS

EMDR is a significant treatment in the Trauma Program at Menninger Clinic. Kaiser Permanente financed a study that revealed EMDR was twice as effective in half the time compared to traditional psychotherapy.  It is capable of rapid desensitization of trauma, PTSD, stress, phobias, panic and anxiety disorders, addiction, anger,  grief, loss, shame, fears, eliminating compulsive behaviors, triggers, dysfunctional coping and addictions. 

EMDR is In the Guidelines of the American Psychiatric Association (APA, 2004),  the Veterans Administration (VA, 2004), the  Dept. of Defense (DoD, 2010), and the World Health Organization (WHO) as  'Strongly recommended for Trauma.' 

Your role is to commit to the process, target  causal issues, and give feedback to guide your therapy. EMDR can surface forgotten memories, open insights, give you overview, and detach you from negative programing.

International traumatic stress expert Bessel Van De Kolk, MD, devotes Chapter 15 in ''The Body Keeps the Score,' 2014, to EMDR. 


I'm a psychologist specializing in trauma. Since 1986, I've evolved to using the fastest trauma resolution/performance enhancement techniques. If you are ready for  significant growth shifts, rapid issue resolution, EMDR and TFT do that. LENS improves brain functioning. 

Thought-Field Therapy, TFT, taps on Acupuncture Meridian Points while focusing on a target issue/symptoms. It surfaces then diffuses cumulative emotions.  Physiological changes have been measured using TFT in Callahan, 1998, Psychotherapy and Deep Biological Change.  

In combination these techniques expedite the resolution of dysfunctional reactions, allowing more effective behaviors to emerge. Pervasive traumas, major depression, life-long triggered anger can be resolved fast. Targeting the right algorithm is key in TFT. Targeting the right causal issue is key in EMDR. In LENS, staying with the process, locating the right pace and formula are key. 

TFT was used successfully in Kosovo and Ruwanda with genocide victims.  It is a therapy that transcends language barriers and can be learned for personal use.