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On the corner of Nuuanu Ave. and Hotel St.

3rd set doors on Nuuanu  Ave. from the corner.

Parking: Corner of Bethel & King Street at

Chinatown Gateway, municipal garage, and

2-hr free parking with $10-purchase at Walmart.

Please call for an appointment:   808-398-4398

Copay paid per session or billed.

Most medical Insurances accepted.

Clinical Psychologist

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We approach your goals collaboratively so you are supported in a solution focused format.  Therapy issues and direction are in your control.

Psycho-education and cognitive behavioral therapy are expedited with the use of LENS, EMDR, and TFT, rapid trauma resolutions expediting resource building. 

In a relatively pain-free process, past issues that block current and future goals are resolved in a time-efficient, systematic manner. Your feedback is imperative.

In international traumatic stress expert, Bessel Van De Kolk's 'The Body Keeps the Score,' 2014, EMDR comprises Chapter 15.



 Mental Health Brain-storm about cutting edge therapies making rapid therapeutic differences, evidence-based couples therapies, breakthrough research in probiotics and gut-based psychiatric disorders....

Shari Au, Ph.D., LLC
Licensed Child & Adult Clinical Psychologist



I'm a Honolulu clinical psychologist  working with varied populations in mental health since 1986. I am delighted to meet you. I've  used many approaches with children, juveniles, adults, couples, seniors.  I'm using rapid evidence-based Eye-Movement-Desensitization & Reprocessing, EMDR for trauma, anger, stress, grief, loss, shame, deaths, fears; some Thought Field Therapy, TFT, and Low Energy Neurofeedback System, LENS.  

EMDR is 'Strongly recommended for trauma,' in the Guidelines of the American Psychiatric Association 2004, the Veterans Administration 2004, and the USA Dept of Defense 2010.  These therapies rapidly clear unresolved trauma, fear, shame, anxiety, grief, and reduce/eliminate triggers, compulsive coping mechanisms, causing addictions.