We approach your goals collaboratively. You are supported in a solution focused format.  

Thought-Field Therapy, TFT, taps Chinese Acupuncture Meridian Points to diffuse cumulative past trauma.  Psycho-education in addition to rapid trauma resolution therapies  expedites resolution of dysfunctional programs, allowing more effective behaviors to emerge.

Sometimes  unresolved feelings stem from unlikely sources, requiring further exploration and processing.  Processing can surface repressed, forgotten memories.  Processing  opens insight(s), detaches causal events and negative programming. Minimal talking and maximum issue resolution defines Rapid Trauma Resolution Therapies.

TFT was successfully used with Ruwanda genocide victims.  It is a therapy that can be learned for personal use. 



Different from EEG Neuro-feedback,  LENS is the fastest neuro-feedback, administered in seconds. It  improves brain functioning, is evidenced to improve functioning in  Traumatic Brain Injury.  

LENS plants a low-energy magnetic feedback pattern next to your brain pattern to disrupt your brain pattern, allowing it to reorganize. Brain reorganization always optimizes brain functioning. 

Everyone responds uniquely to LENS, EMDR, TFT.  Allow 48 hours for the brain to reorganize post LENS. Some people experience a perceptual  lightening or darkening. Some feel more alert, sleep less, others feel relaxed, sleep more. Some notice immediate effects as increased energy, ease initiating action, ease doing and completing tasks. Others take several sessions to  notice an effect. Regardless if noticed, each session builds upon the next in a cumulative effect. 

We may trial a few protocols to target your formula;  like titrating pharmaceutical medication in  psychiatry.   Your role is to stick with the process, notice any differences, report change or absence of change to guide your therapy. Complete the questionnaire(s) before and re-score the 10 top issues after each LENS.  


EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing EMDR

LENS - Low Energy Neuro-feedback System LENS

Shari Au, Ph.D., LLC
Licensed Child & Adult Clinical Psychologist

TFT - Thought Field Therapy


I'm a Honolulu licensed clinical psychologist with a work history in mental health since 1986. I am delighted to meet you. My experiences and trainings (p.3) resulted in more effective, faster therapy methods as EMDR, TFT, LENS, EFT. I work with child, parent, juvenile, adult, and couple issues. 

EMDR can resolve anger, stress, grief, loss, shame, fears, psychosomatic/psychotic symptoms quickly.  In the Guidelines of the American Psychiatric Association 2004,  Veterans Administration 2004, and the USA Dept. of Defense 2010, Eye-Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing, EMDR, is 'Strongly recommended for Trauma.'

Trauma resolution can eliminate compulsive behaviors, triggers, dysfunctional coping mechanisms and addictions. Your role is to commit to the process, to find the most effective strategy(s),  target critical causal issues, and provide feedback that guides your therapy.

International traumatic stress expert, Bessel Van De Kolk, MD, devotes Chapter 15 - 'The Body Keeps the Score,' 2014, to EMDR.