LENS promotes neuroplasticity, is applied in seconds, uses dys-entrainment  to get faster results than any neuro-feedback system in existence.  Sensitive individuals notice immediate effects.  Unlike repetitious therapist directed entrainment in EEG Neuro-feedback,  LENS allows your brain to seek it's own optimization resulting in customized individual improvements.  LENS increases ease and clarity of functioning. It shortens treatment times to improve serious cognitive, mood, energy, pain, and motor control impairments.

LENS' signal is 4,000x weaker than your cell phone signal. Similar to clearing cache on a PC, your brain optimizes as it reorganizes, specific to your brain's wisdom.  Unexpected gains often occur in addition to target symptom resolution.    


LENS  responses differ  per individual.  LENS opens suppression so suppressed emotions/memories may surface.  Increased relaxation, alertness, increased productivity, energy, ease initiating action, completing tasks, better coordination are common effects. Each LENS builds upon the next cumulatively. With some individuals, a cumulative effect is needed, requiring commitment to therapy.   


Three questionnaire(s) at the link below are needed to start LENS.  Rescoring your 10 top issues  48 hr after each LENS provides a graph.   LENS is Not covered by insurance. Cost is $150/session, discounted if you have Insurance, which covers your office visit. With insurance LENS is reduced to $45/1-5 sites,  $60/6-10 sites, $80/11-21 sites of 21 brain sites.  







TFT - Thought Field Therapy

Kaiser Permanente financed a study revealing EMDR is twice as effective in half the time compared to traditional psychotherapy. It is  used at Menninger Clinic to  rapidly diffuse trauma, PTSD, phobias, panic, anxiety disorders; mediate addiction/compulsive behaviors, anger,  grief, loss, shame, fears, and dysfunctional coping. Each trauma process can surface other traumas, to systematically clear.  Committing to your process is necessary as feelings can seem more vivid before dissipating.

EMDR is in the Guidelines of the American Psychiatric Association (APA, 2004),  the Veterans Administration (VA, 2004), the  Dept. of Defense (DoD, 2010), and the World Health Organization (WHO). It is  'Strongly recommended for Trauma.' 

Resolving trauma shifts perception, alters behavior. EMDR opens suppressed memories, expands insights, provides an overview.  Feelings can intensify prior fading in trauma therapies.  Brain Spotting can be used when eye-lock is present.

International traumatic stress expert Bessel Van De Kolk, MD, devotes Chapter 15 in ''The Body Keeps the Score,' 2014, to EMDR. 

 I've incorporated rapid resolution trauma techniques to change behavior effortlessly.  EMDR, TFT, Brain Spotting, and LENS are the fastest trauma techniques in existence. 

TFT targets Acupuncture Meridian Points, the body's electrical circuitry. By focusing on a target memory or symptom, it surfaces then diffuses emotions associated with trauma. Feelings  can become more vivid before fading.   Psychotherapy and Deep Biological Change research shows clumped blood cells/rouleau dissipates with TFT (Callahan, 1998).

Suppression (conscious) and repression (unconscious) resolve.  You will know a trigger occurred when emotions overwhelm you. Trauma therapy resolves the cause behind triggers so more functional behaviors can emerge, where feelings formerly controlled you.   Lifelong fears/phobias can be resolved relatively quickly.  Targeting an accurate Algorithm  is key in TFT.  

TFT was used successfully in Kosovo and Ruwanda with genocide victims for rapid trauma relief.  It transcends language and can be learned for personal use. 

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EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing EMDR

LENS - Low Energy Neuro-feedback System LENS